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What You NEED to Know

If you don’t have a connection with a mover, choosing the company can be a tough job.

You’ve heard enough horror stories about breakage, changing fees AFTER the truck pulls up and more.  BUT, by asking the right questions, you ensure a smooth, trouble-free move.

Whether you’re moving your office or your house, getting the right information will make it possible for you to select the best one for your unique set of circumstances.  Just get the answers to these questions – and you’ll be able to pick the right one:

  1. Do they have positive reviews and references from recent customers I
  2. Is the moving company properly licensed and insured, including Workers’ Comp?
  3. What guarantees do they give?
  4. Do they offer packing and storage services as well as moving?

Other Things to Check

  • Do they have the right equipment to do the move?
  • What is their deposit and refund policy?
  • How do they define “extra services” and what do they charge for them?
  • Are there any “hidden charges” – are they going to do a firm quote OR is it possible that they could for MORE money when they arrive?

Do NOT hire a moving company without getting complete answers to all the questions.  If you do all your homework – and get the right information – you’ll have a great experience.  If you don’t – your move may turn into a nightmare.


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