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Make SURE You Get The Right Mover

If you are in the planning of a move across the state or across country, you need a first-class moving company – take the time to make sure that the one that YOU hire can do the job.


The best long-distance or long-distance movers will do an on-site visual estimate in order to produce the best and the most accurate quote.  That quote should be given on a Flat Rate Basis.  This will include packing as well as shipping, unless you want to do that packing.

They will also want to find out about any potential issues – like small doorways, narrow hallways, multiple flights of stairs, items in basements, etc.  That’s another reason why they want to do an on-site survey.  Dealing with any space/movement issues will affect your cost.

Interstate and Long-Distance Moves

It’s critical to understand how movers calculate your costs for their services.  Interstate moving companies do not charge you by the hours (as local movers do) – instead, they determine your moving cost based on these 3 major factors:

  1. Move distance;
  2. Shipment weight;
  3. Additional moving services (Including express delivery)


Reviewing Quotes

As soon as you have received written quotes, you can compare the quotes.

Naturally, you will need to review the reasoning behind the number.  However, you should also consider the price filtered by results the “homework” you have done via reviews and testimonials.  You should also consider how the moving company has performed their preliminary review.

When comparing the quotes, your first impulse will be to look at the final price.  You should also pay attention to the extra services offered, and their corresponding rates. And WHY they were presented.

One thing that should be a red flag and get your hardest review is if one price quote is considerably lower than the rest.  That could turn out to be a “low-ball estimate” used to get customers to book the mover.   Chances are that the company will attempt to get MORE money by claiming that you made a mistake.

Most long-distance moving services should be performed on a Flat Rate Basis. Again, the best companies will want to set up a time to visit for an on-site visual estimate in order to develop the best and the most accurate price quote, including any extra services you desire:

Such services include:

  • Full packing and unpacking service
  • Safeguards to protect easily-damaged possessions, like furniture, in transit
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Express delivery (possibly next day, depending on the distance)

The one that had the best reviews and did the best job of visiting your site, reviewing your needs and presenting a clear and transparent proposal and a flat rate price should be the one that you choose to take care of your long-distance or interstate move.


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