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Why Would You Choose White Glove Level Services?

You may need to move expensive or unique items that are very special to you, the last thing you want to do is cut corners – you want the possible care.

White Glove level service should be your choice when you have those kinds of items to move.  You will get expertly-trained personnel, who are experienced in safely delivering special property with a guarantee of NO damage.

White glove movers:

  • Handle packing and unpacking. Packing can be monotonous and take a great deal of time.  It’s especially challenging because there is only one right way to pack.

When you hire white glove movers, they will arrive at your location with the right boxes, cartons and padding to carefully wrap, pack and secure your belongings. You can also choose to have movers unpack once in your new location.

  • Specially-trained personnel can handle easily bulky items easily. Ordinary movers might not be experienced in handling large items, oversized, bulky items from antique furniture, to fitness equipment and even electronics and/or computers – which could easily be damaged.

White Glove movers have the equipment and knowledge to safely handle and move special items from your location to another.  Even if you have items in storage, they can easily be retrieved, whether they are wrapped, boxed, dis-assembled or free-standing,

Assembly and even re-packing can be quoted, executed and so can reassembly once these items reach their destination.


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